What is Orator Plus™ and what does it do?

"Orator Plus" is the first multi-media presentation system for professionals to create compelling public presentations that win.

Orator Plus creates personalized interactive presentations for a wide variety of applications. Orator Plus presentations can display large amounts of data in numerous media formats simultaneously, allowing access in a non-linear method utilizing a customizable menu system.

Orator Plus is a must-have for creating multimedia presentations that require diverse media formats with interlinked associations for viewer retention.

Orator Plus has numerous utilities built in which add to the ease and power of a true multimedia experience. Some of the capabilities and highlights are:

  • Save and edit presentations with ease
  • Add panorama images with ease utilizing a built-in proprietary viewer
  • Add and edit hotspots in panoramas and images with a built in hotspot editor
  • Add and edit an orientation/map view for scene awareness with easy to edit controls
  • Navigation menus are created from included content and can be easily edited and customized by the user for content and flow
  • Accepts all popular formats of media with more being added: gif, jpg, bmp, tif, panorama, Real Video, Windows Media, QuickTime, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Flash, PDF, etc.
  • Utilizing a custom built-in compiler for presentations, a standalone ".exe" file is created for secure distribution

These are just a few of the capabilites and functions of Orator PlusTM

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